Are the pots food safe?

~No,  the pots are not food safe as it is painted with acrylic in Matte finish. 


Why are you always out of stock?

~ We don't have enough man power to mass produce. This shop is only managed by two gals who also have a day job; needs to have rest; wants to have a work-life balance; and the dog needs lots of attention too.

Due to high demand of the products, it's better to be on time when we announce the restock. You can turn on your notifications on Instagram to be notified of our updates. :)


Do you accept bulk/wholesale orders?

~ No. We've already learned our lesson from our previous transactions. Also, please refer to the previous question. 

Do you customize mugs?

~No. Only Pots.

Why does it take you a long time to restock the mugs?

~ We don't have our own studio and kiln so we have to schedule it ahead of time and that's why we don't customize.

When is your next shop update?

~Shop updates are announced at the top of this website and in our Instagram stories and posts.

Do you take preorders?
~Yes, but it depends. Since we're running this shop as a side hustle, we can only accommodate limited slots per week. Announcements of the pre-order slots for custom pots and other shop updates are in our Instagram page. 

Do you ship internationally?
~Yes, we send thru Fedex but all the import fees, duties and taxes will be paid by the customer. For international orders, please email us at info@plantporn.net for the quotation.

Note: Due to this pandemic, we do not recommend international shipping right now because of the price surcharge.

Why does international shipping cost more?
~Shipping costs are calculated by Fedex based on the weight and size of the package. Shipping fragile items require lots of padding and insulation for its own safety. We've sent to different parts of the world (i.e US, Europe, and Australia) so the price really depends from origin to destination. Rough estimation of shipping fee to US for one pot is around $25-$30 and to EU countries is around $35-$40. If you know couriers in your country that is cheaper than FedEx, feel free to send us an email.


Hope this helps!

For more inquiries please send us an email at info@plantporn.net 


Thank you